The Cyclopean Eye  

……is the dimensional mental scope created in the brain by comparing the images received from the two eyes.



At this website you will see many stereo- pair images like those below.

These are all visbible in 3D using the technique known as of "cross-eyed free viewing". 

If you nare not familiar with free viewing hold a finger tip mid-way between the two images and focus on your finger.   Slowly bring the finger towards you until you are aware that that you see 3 blurry out-of-focus images instead of two. Now transfer your focus to the middle image and it will be seen in full dimensional glory.

If you do not get it right away. Don’t worry. Many people don’t get on their first attempt. So just relax and try again. Once you have got it the technique is a bit like riding a bicycle - the skill is with you always. With this skill one can instantly solve  "Spot the Difference puzzles" .

IN-Forest Pair

"Seeing the Wood for the Trees", "Camouflage"   &    other Site Scans visible in stereo by Freeviewing

1 to 10 B
1 to 10 A
SP Sight Sobe
for site 20